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Studio 05

Studio 5, our largest studio, includes: a large white infinity cove, large lounge area, make-up room, drive-in access, exposed brick wall, A/C, free wifi, and complimentary tea and coffee.

Ground Floor
1120ft² / 105m²

Day Rate

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Studio 04

Studio 4 is sound-insulated studio with a separate gallery with acoustic window, ceiling lighting rig, green room with make-up area, A/C, free wifi, and complimentary tea and coffee.

Shooting Area — 361 ft² / 34m²
Gallery — 96ft 9in² / 9m²
Green Room — 106ft 8in² / 10m²

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Green Screen Studio

This is a pre-lit green screen cove studio. The studio is connected by acoustic glass doors to a camera and photo room and control room. Access is also available to a make-up room, vocal room and recreation room/sound studio. Fully air-conditioned with free wifi, concierge and kitchen access.

Green Screen Room - 430ft² / 40m²
Camera and Photo Room - 387ft² / 36m²
Control Room - 118ft² / 11m²
Recreation Room / Sound Studio - 291ft² / 27m²
Make-up Room - 204ft² / 19m²
Vocal Booth - 108ft² / 10m²

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Studio 03

One of our larger studios, Studio 3 is great for bigger shoots. It has large daylight windows, a white infinity cove for shooting, private green room, A/C, free wifi, and direct access to the car park.

Ground Floor
918ft² / 92m²

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Studio 02

Studio 2 includes 9 and 12-foot Colorama support systems, a lounge area, make-up room, natural light, a stark white shooting area, A/C, free wifi, complimentary tea and coffee, and access to a communal lounge area and kitchen.

First Floor
610ft² / 60m²

Day Rate

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Studio 01

A medium-sized, quieter film and photography studio with a large makeup area. Studio 1 is air-conditioned with a high ceiling, wall-mounted background supports, a communal lounge area, and kitchen access.

First Floor
700ft² / 66m²

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Services We Provide


We have a wide selection of HMI, tungsten, Kinoflo, LED, and flash lighting for hire on-site for photo and video shoots.

Lighting List

Cameras & Lenses

Canon, Sony, Blackmagic, and GoPro cameras (and more) with a wide selection of lenses are for rent on-location.

Kit List


Need space for your next event? Our central London location, free parking, large walk-in studios, and full kit, crew, and catering offer make Cherryduck Studios the easy choice.

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Equipment Hire

We have green screen rigs on-site. We also keep a wide array of sound equipment, mics, grip equipment, rails, on hand and can build catwalks and stages as required.

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Prop Hire

Our fully-stocked prop warehouse is right next door with everything you need to bring your shoot to life.

Set Building

We have Colourama backdrops, green screens, and several different backdrops on-site - including brick walls, concrete, steel, Perspex, and more. Our crew will design, build, and paint your sets on request.


Our on-site team includes directors, producers, photographers, camera operators, sound engineers, lighting assistants, gaffers, and sparks - all are experienced in commercial, online, corporate, fashion film production, and more.

Crew Costs


Plan your all-day shoot and don’t worry about the details. We’ll take care of the amenities, food, drinks, and anything else your team needs.


Get in touch now to book your studio, kit, lighting, and crew Thanks! We'll get back to you shortly. Hashtag fail....sorry. Not sure what happened there. Give us a call and let's get to work.

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