Steve Turvey
— Director/Photographer

Steve has developed his unique fashion photography and reportage style working around the world with established industry professionals. His work aims to tell stories in clear and refreshing ways, combining place setting and colour to define moods and emotions.

The Frugality
— Sainsbury's

Made by Hand
— Lilly Lou

Constantly Connected

— Made by Hand

— Jigsaw

— Made by Hand

— by Steve Turvey

The Super Elixir
— Elle McPherson

— C&A

Steve Turvey is a London-based film director and photographer with a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art from Chelsea College, University of the Arts, London. His photography and moving image experience with brands like Jigsaw and Vogue China give Steve the versatility to capture both formal and relaxed scenes with corporate, fashion, entertainment, and sports clients.

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